About Terry Grant – North America’s Most Famous Tracker

Terry GrantFuelled by necessity, his renowned skill was honed by trailing and gathering cattle on some of the most remote ranches in southern Alberta, complimenting his many years as a guide and outfitter in the unforgiving Rocky Mountains. His ability to read sign became a keen interest and he constantly studied in the wilderness, developing and refining his skill to a now legendary level.

The star of the first six seasons of Mantracker showcased his gift to millions, bringing the spotlight to bear on the almost-lost art of tracking, and launching the show into the stratosphere as one of the most highly rated reality shows on television.

Terry ’s reputation as a dedicated professional and his “man’s man” personality also launched his international career as a consultant with those whose very lives depend on reading sign. He consulted with the British Military Chiefs to provide some basic ground and track awareness training for the 7th Armoured Brigade, also known as the Desert Rats. Terry is also one of the few “civilians” who has been invited to the K-9 Training Facility for the Edmonton Police Service.

He has also proved to be a very popular instructor for such groups as ‘Women in the Outdoors’ training program in conjunction with the ‘Alberta Hunter’s Education Instructors Association’. Grant continues to work with Foothills Search and Rescue Team in all capacities, from logistics to tracking. He is also a popular speaker, appearing at functions hosted by law enforcement, private groups, fundraisers and schools.

Whether in the saddle or on the stage, Grant’s reputation is on the line and as he says, “I can’t afford to let up for a second, and I won’t.”

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